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"Love is Ageless"

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These reviews  are taken from and family members from our facility. Who better to ask how a facility is doing than those who know it best!  We simply want to share with you some of the thoughts that others have shared about us.   We invite you to come by, spend some time with us, get to know us and see what you think!

Caring102457350 April 21, 2015

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My wife is now at Marion Manor. The place is located in 12 acres of land out in the country, and it is a small facility. She is bedridden, and the staff checks her meals as she is on a pureed diet. I would rate that good.

clarkl February 23, 2015

I am a friend or relative of resident

My father passed away there recently. I myself am a MD, which I think allows me to speak to the care he received. Outstanding. Dad thrived in the environment;eating well,up walking around and overall, happy. I am more than pleased with the care they provided. One thing that I would like to point out ; kindness. The staff was so kind to my father. In the medical profession,we often see care without personality; meaning, services are there, but nothing more. At Marian Manor, care is mixed with kindness, compassion and professionalism. From the top management to the kitchen workers, you see them providing hugs, smiles and tender moments with the residents there. Compassion and empathy often merit more than any medication can offer.
I would like to recognize this team for taking wonderful care of my dad. I commend them for their service, and can be used as a reference to anyone needing confirmation on my beliefs about Marian Manor.

Archie1 March 31, 2014

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Marian Manor is a nursing home with complete care. My wife has Alzheimer's and is unable to care for herself, and I can no longer help her. I'm completely satisfied with the place. The staff is very good. It's a small place; they have something like 36 or 38 beds. The ratio of staff to patient is very good. It's something like 8:1, and she's very well taken care of. The place is clean. As far as I'm concerned, right now I have nothing but positive feedback.

They have a very well-balanced diet, and in my wife's case, it's very good because she had a terrible diet when she was home. She was just living on awful things like hotdogs, Coke, cake, and ice cream. She has lost some weight and seems to be physically improved.

I don't have a problem with the security. It's about a mile and a half from the Stafford City Hospital, and it's on a country road. The only negative feeling I have about it is that it's a little too far away. But it's the only one we were fairly familiar with, and it turned out that I'm very satisfied. I would recommend it.

officeworks November 14, 2012

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother was a resident of Marian Manor for five years until she passed. I love the fact that this facility is not your corporate cookie-cutter residence. The well-kept house and grounds, located in a glade surrounded by woodlands, conveys the hominess of Marian Manor. Serving approximately 40 residents, the owners and staff create a "family" atmosphere where kindness and care top the list of services offered. While the occasional minor mishap occurs--just like at your house or mine, the staff exhibits genuine concern for each of the residents and families. Marian Manor made a very difficult situation a bit easier for me to handle as they were always willing to help with anything out of the ordinary and conducted themselves with professionalism and genuine concern for the residents. I have bragged about this smaller, home-like option to many friends.

Dsdnsr112 September 27, 2012

I visited this facility

At Marian Manor, the staff is absolutely great. The people that are living there seem really happy and well taken care of. Everyone is pleasant and you are always greeted with a smile whenever you walk in. They adapt to the patients' needs, and are very knowledgeable about what exactly goes on in there. You can actually say that it could actually be considered a home, rather than a nursing facility due to the type of feeling when you enter. Everything is close by, and would be my number one spot to recommend.